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Welcome to our parish!  Below you will find information regarding every part of parish life.  Feel free to reach out to us in the Staff Contacts if there is anything we can do for you.  Our lives center around the seven sacraments with several offered each day.  Other events can be found on our Calendar, and of course, we encourage you to learn about our rich history.  Know of our prayers for you, and we hope you will join us!


St. Rose of Lima is a cohesive family-oriented intergenerational parish with a strong sense of community enriched by a tradition of Benedictine and Franciscan spirituality.


Our parish life is centered around the Eucharist, where all are welcomed and encouraged to actively participate in worship and to proclaim the Mass as witnesses of God's Love.  Committed to the vision of Vatican II, we honor and support the leadership and ministry of the laity.


We encourage learning at every level and pledge ourselves to a vibrant religious education program, growth in adult formation, Christian stewardship, and the works of peace and justice within and beyond our parish boundaries.

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